About Us


GalanteVasques Luxury Tourism was founded by a duo: Rita Galante and Fábio Vasques.

One is the idea, the other is the will, one is the planning, other is the action, one is the detail, the other is the big picture. And it is like this since 2015.

Both have business and economics background from top universities and met each other when applying for a job based in Dubai, in which they were both hired.

Working in Dubai leading people from all over the world brought them the confidence to undertake a long lasting impetus: create their own company.

They decided that it was the time to undertake their own project back in Portugal. It was the time to add value to their country, their regions, their project...

but most of all, this project had to be something that would bring added value to the tourism and to the people around...and so it has been happening since then.

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